Austria is one of the founding members of IFAC. The Austrian national member organisation (NMO) was the Austrian Centre for Productivity and Efficiency (Österreichisches Produktivitäts- und Wirtschaftlichkeitszentrum – ÖPWZ) until the end of 2003. From January 1, 2004 up to the present, the Austrian NMO has been the Austrian Society for Robotics and Automation (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Automatisierung und Robotertechnik – ÖGART), which is strongly supported by the IFAC Austria Advisory Board (IFAC Beirat Österreich).


Up to now more than 40 international IFAC events have been organized by the Austrian NMO.


Austria was also responsible for the foundation of the technical committee (TC) on Social Aspects of Automation, initiated 1969 by Fred Margulies; and the TC on Supplemental Ways for Improving International Stability (SWIIS), founded in 1983 by Harold Chestnut and Peter Kopacek.


The IFAC Austria Advisory Board


The IFAC Austria Advisory Board (IFAC Beirat Österreich) is an informal group of specialists drawn from science, research, industry and other areas, and it has two main tasks:


1. Consulting in the field of automation for the government, for the civil society (including industry and trade unions) and for the scientific community in Austria.


2. Dissemination of knowledge in the field of automation (with special regard to all IFAC-related knowledge) within Austrian industry, especially within small- and medium-sized enterprises. Such knowledge is presented mainly at IFAC workshops, symposia and congresses. The results of these presentations are screened and distributed to Austrian companies, research institutes and interested persons according to their requirements. The IFAC Advisory Board Austria (IFAC Beirat Österreich) was financed by the Austrian government through 2012, and was transformed into an advisory board of the Austrian NMO (ÖGART) on January 1, 2013.


IFAC-related Activities in Austria


International Journal Automation Austria – IJAA - until  2015.


Following increasing interest, the IFAC Beirat Austria decided in 1992 to publish its own journal under the title International Journal Automation Austria — IJAA. This journal is issued biannually since 1993. The technical papers in the journal deal with process as well as production automation. Each of the technical papers are reviewed by three specialists, usually from the editorial board. The papers can be application- as well as theory-oriented, written in English or German. In addition abstracts of dissertations and book reviews are published. The contents are supplemented by reports on national and international automation events and new products. This journal is not only available in hard copy but also on the Internet: http://www.acin.tuwien.ac.at/IJAA/index.htm/


Editors in Chief: Alexander Weinmann, Peter Kopacek (TU Vienna)